Alaçatı Herb Festival

We are living in an era now where everyone is aware of the importance of environmentalism and natural nutrition. The locals have been practicing natural nutrition for centuries in the region, but the outsiders didn’t know anything about it. Alacati nature provides all numerous unique region-specific herbs that can only be found here. This is why we decided to introduce and share our region’s natural diet culture, experience and richness along with its special herbs to the world. To promote our traditional dishes and to keep our style of cooking alive, we are holding “Alacati Herb Festival” every year in April. The festival began to be held in April of 2010 for the very first time. Each year, the number of our local and foreign guests who visit the festival is growing gradually. There are many important reasons why the festival is being held in April. But the most important one is having the privilege of witnessing the freshness of spring of Alacati. Therefore, our festival is being held on spring period when Mother Nature is waking up, starting to decorate our surroundings with her beauty and sharing her richness with the people.